Safer Alternative

 Speaking about harm reduction, which is just a fancy way of saying that vaping carries no deadly diseases such as the likes of tobacco cigarettes. Vaping is a safer alternative; with Public Health England report pegged vaping as about 95 percent safer than smoking cigarettes.

 Looks Cooler

 It’ all the same, you light a cigarette, take a drag and everyone around you scurries to a safer place, far away from you. You smell like an ashtray that no one takes out on a date.

 Simply throwing away the cigarette butts and picking up the sleekly designed vape pen can revive your social life.  And once you vape, you won’t reek like an over-filled ashtray, rather you’ll smell like someone everyone would want to hang out with.

 The Taste Edge

 Once you switch to vaping and fill the device with delicious flavours from world-class liquids, you can taste flavours such as strawberry, mango, coffee, etc. and not something that tastes like the bottom of a worn-out shoe.

 The Environment

 Vaping doesn’t involve the lighting of anything and can save your couch, kitchen counter, car seats, and armchair from being covered in burn marks. If you’re asleep with a vape in your hand, you don’t have to worry about burning the house down; can we say this for cigarettes? We think not. That’s how it helps your home environment.

 Furthermore, vapes can help the environment; for starters, it doesn’t leave trillions of cigarette butts clogging up drains, parks, and recreational sites every year. It also eliminates the use of plastic lighters that end up at the bottom of oceans, the embodiment of human littering.

 Here we are, everything sorts itself out with you picking up vaping, Why aren’t you?