Vaping has been receiving a lot of conflicting reviews lately. One morning you see numerous articles stating vaping is a real game changer and is changing the game for good, and on another morning you see some articles claiming vaping isn’t that safe after all. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to switch, this conundrum of mixed opinions might prove to be rather confusing. This is our attempt to put the debate to bed. Here are some pros that should act as motivators for your transition if you are an adult smoker and cannot, or wont quit smoking.

1. Definitely a Less Harmful Replacement

If there is someone that you can count on, it has to be the pundits from the Royal College of Physicians. The place is a home to over 34,000 reputable experts. And of course, Public Health England. Their studies have stated that vaping is 95% less harmful as compared to conventional cigarette smoking.

2. The Departure of Unfriendly Odors

A crucial pro is the absence of unwanted odors that linger around you and your surroundings while smoking cigarettes. Vaping has an aroma that is same as the flavors used. The best part is that even if you consume a tobacco flavor, best believe that it smells nothing like tobacco.

3. Adjustable Strength

One of the key advantages of vaping is that it allows you to call the shots over your nicotine consumption. Vaping e liquids offer a variegated range of nicotine strengths. You thus have more control over your nicotine consumption with vaping from high to low strength, which in the case of smoking is currently unthinkable.

4. Control on the Vapor Output

Another pro that comes with vaping is that you have sheer control over your vapor. Compact mods allow you to exhale smaller vapor clouds, whereas bigger and powerful mods give out gigantic white clouds. Furthermore, vaping is extremely handy as with certain devices you can change coil type, airflow, and output to your convenience.

5. Sundry Flavors

Vaping gives you multiple e-juice flavors, so you can decide what you like best based on a personal choice. There are hundreds of flavors ranging from mango, to crème brulee, to tobacco. The best part about these flavors is that they are easily available and are rarely out of stock. These flavor groups come in various profiles such as desserts, foods, fruits, tobacco etc.