We are all very well aware of the plethora of ill effects that tobacco smoking has, on a human body and also on the environment. However, the government of the United Kingdom have been swift to act and have made the migration from tobacco cigarettes to the much-safer vaping seem almost seamless. According to the recently published figures by the ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) showed that nearly 3 million people are using e-cigarettes in the country. This rapid growth in the usage of vaping has come as a surprise, a positive one, despite all the negative media coverage that e-cigarettes have garnered over the years.

Declining Smoking Rates

The rapid change in the landscape has been no less than drastic, with the statistics showing that only 17.2% adults smoke in the UK in the year 2015, down from 20.1% in 2010. Over half of the populace of the country have made the switch or have picked up vape sticks in the past half a decade that has helped the country achieve one of the lowest cigarette consumption rates per capita in Europe.

Efforts to Promote a Smoke-Free Britain

The government is at the centre of this “revolution” by passing laws that allow businesses to let their employeesvape within the office spaces. This comes due to the significance of employee welfare.

Accordingto studies, the United Kingdom and the NHS can save around £2 billion a year if the country can achieve a smoke-free status. The efforts of activists and the government to make tobacco cigarettes extinct is being well-received by the general populace.

How Vaping Can Actually Help you Quit Tobacco

In several countries like the United States of America there are stringent laws and regulations against vape related devices; however, in the UK, the government has made a conscious decision to stomp out tobacco from the country gradually.

Vapes have been proved to be an effective tobacco cessation device as they can be used as the direct replacement for cigarettes and has almost zero side-effects.

We all know people who have tried and failed to quit tobacco and struggled to find the empowerment to quit. In India, according to government data, there are about 100 million smokers, and almost 900,000 people succumb to tobacco each year. However, there have been efforts shown by private companies like Vape Stop to make India tobacco-free by offering an effective alternative in the form of vaping devices and liquids in the country.