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Complete Kits

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  1. abstract

    Regular Price: INR 5,100

    Special Price INR 3,990

    A small easy-to-carry device which is powerful. Vapers can experience large vape clouds with full flavor. In-built battery included in the product. Compatible with Vaporesso EUC Traditional Coil & Vaporesso EUC Ceramic Coil. Learn More
  2. black

    Regular Price: INR 7,000

    Special Price INR 5,900

    A box mod kit that is compact, powerful, and satisfying to ones vaping needs. This is the latest offering by Vaporesso. In-built battery included in the product. Compatible with Vaporesso GT2 and GT4 Coil. Learn More
  3. black
    INR 4,200
    The Target Mini by the house of Vaporesso is neat! It comes with an embedded battery, and is truly compact in size. A popular choice among vapers looking for a handy product. In-built battery included in the product. Compatible with CCell-GD Ceramic Coil. Learn More
  4. X-Priv Baby Kit | Box Mod Kit
    INR 5,800
    The SMOK X-Priv Baby is a small and subtle box mod kit having a glassy texture at front & cobra pattern at back. Helps you taste the richness of the flavour in depth. Compatible with V8 baby Q2 coil. Learn More
  5. Gunmetal

    Regular Price: INR 7,500

    Special Price INR 6,400

    The G-Priv Baby is small, delicate and a stunner box mod kit. A part of the latest Luxe Edition by SMOK, this box mod kit is designed with a stylish and elegant high-gloss finish. Equipped with a top battery slot, battery replacement becomes more convenient. Battery to be purchased separately. Compatible with V8 baby Q2 & Q4 coils. Learn More
  6. black-grey
    INR 2,190
    A recent launch by Joyetech, which is a box mod version of the popular eGo AIO vape pen. It is easy to use and compact, and its efficiency and simplicity makes it a preferred choice. In-built battery included in the product. Best compatible with SS316 coil. Learn More
  7. black
    INR 4,000
    A product by SMOK which is popular among advanced vapors. Compatible with SMOK V8 Baby Q2 Coil. Two batteries to be purchased separately. Learn More
  8. black-1
    INR 6,700
    An elegant all-glass and full equipped 225W device with 8ml tank for experienced vapers by SMOK. Compatible with V12 Prince T10 Coil & V12 Prince Q4 Coil. Two batteries to be purchased separately. Learn More
  9. Atopack Dolphin |Box Pod-Mod Kit
    INR 3,000
    A compact elegant box Pod-Mod kit that is easy to carry and with leak proof technology. E-liquid filling does not require removal of coil head hence making it more convenient. In-built battery included in the product. Compatible with Atopack Coil. Learn More
  10. silver
    INR 3,200
    Pocket friendly and powerful, this box mod kit by SMOK is definitely a good choice amongst vapers. Compatible with V8 Baby-M2 Coil. Battery to be purchased separately. Learn More

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Complete Kits

Box mods complete kits are one the most popular vaping kits worldwide. Whether you are heavy user or an average one, you need to have at least one box mods complete kit. Only at Vape Stop, you will get the best range of complete kits to choose from.

Finding a box mod online was never easier, as we stocked complete kits for both, the starters as well as the pros. Thereby, making it possible for you to get exactly what you were looking for. Not just that, these kits also differs in terms of their voltage and wattage.

Box Mods Complete Kits at Vape Stop

Box Mods is a favourite among vapers from across the world, especially the ones who are transitioning from vape pens or cigarette-style e-cigarette starter kits. These vaping devices were specially designed for people who were switching from smoking to vaping. However, Box Mods is for those who wish to take their vaping experience to a whole new level. With Box Mods you get to regulate the power of voltage, wattage and even temperature in some models.  

At Vape Stop, you will find box mods in the starter as well as pro kits. Each of these kits includes a mini battery, a tank among various other essentials, along with the main device. The battery life of each product is excellent. Although, their warranty may differ from brand to brand. These complete kits are available in a range of exciting shapes and colours.

Fulfil your Vaping Needs with Us

Vape Stop is your one-stop destination for anything and everything related to vaping. We have authentic products ranging from vape pens to e-liquids and other essentials including coils, batteries and, chargers. Our array of Box Mods is also very vast. We have included complete kits as well as just mods in our range. Have a look at our entire collection of complete kits and shop the ones you like.