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Pod Mods

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  • JUUL Device Kit | E-Cigarette Kit


    JUUL Device Kit | E-Cigarette Kit

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    EXCEED Edge | E-Cigarette Kit

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Pod Mods Vapes in India

Pod Mod is a type of e-cigarette or vape that is sleek and easy to use and carry. They come in pen form and are now offered by a variety of brands such as JUUL which is the leading brand in USA, Verge, which by the house of Godfrey Phillips, Myle, Nasty, and RELX. While some pod mod variety available for purchase in India is an open system wherein e-liquid can be refilled in pods, most are closed systems, wherein the pods come in pre filled pods or cartridges. Most Pod Mods are mouth to lung type of devices and not direct to lung.

Shop Pod Mod Vape E Cigarette Kit Online in India

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