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E Liquids

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E-liquid plays a very integral role in providing an impeccable vaping experience. The main ingredients of an e-liquid include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavorings. The strength level varies from one model of e-liquid to another. You may also try and choose from a range of excellent flavors.

Inhaling an e-liquid resembles inhaling tobacco in terms of the sensation produced, however, unlike the toxins and other harmful components found in the combustible tobacco, e-liquid is healthier and safer to use. There is nothing that actually burns and there is no tobacco or smoke, the e-liquid is heated to produce vapour.  

Know more about E-liquids

Vaping is a process which involves heating a liquid to the point it becomes a vapour, which can then be inhaled. In e-cigarettes and vape devices, the liquid used is called e-liquid. You can find a huge array of e-liquid online in India at Vape Stop easily. Simply browse through our collection online and pick your favorite flavors.

It’s essential that you know the difference between smoke and vapour. Smoke is a by-product of burning whereas; vapour is a by-product of heating. Production of vapour works in the same way as a kettle heats water to produce steam. E-liquid is drawn through the coil while current is being passed from the battery to the coil and thereby, the e-liquid is heated to produce vapour.

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From fruity to dessert based, we stock a wide range of authentic and international branded flavors for you to choose from. We suggest you to try a couple of flavors to know which ones you enjoy vaping the most. At Vape Stop, you will find e-liquids 10-15ml bottles as well as 30ml+ ones. You can even shop for other vaping essentials including e-cigarette starter kits and other necessary accessories. All of our products are of high-quality and can be found in brands which are globally popular.